AirDrop rival in progress: Samsung is building Apple AirDrop’s strongest rival naming Quick Share

Just like AirDrop, the speciality would act as an easy to use tool for instantly transferring files between two Samsung Galaxy mobiles. This service seems likely to be flagged adjacent to the Samsung Galaxy S20 series unboxing event on Feb 11, 2020.

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Samsung Galaxy

It’s no mystery that Samsung is currently working on a new flagship Galaxy S20 mobiles that are programmed to launch on Feb 11, 2020. The smartphone producer is expected to launch three different devices on that day. But presently a new statement has emerged that claims that the South Korean tech giant is additionally acting on a new peculiarity for these phones that could support him in its competition against Apple’s iPhones.

The freshest endeavour to rival iPhones arrives in the form of Quick Share – a unique feature that could highly assure to be Samsung’s alternative to Apple’s AirDrop.

Samsung galaxy- quick share
Samsung is building Apple AirDrop’s strongest rival naming Quick Share

Just like Apple’s AirDrop, the specialty would act as an easy to manage tool for quickly transferring files among two Galaxy phones. The information arrives from the courtesy of XDA Developers who were capable to procure the APK of the software running on several different Galaxy devices. But, as per the report, the devices weren’t able to send files from one smartphone to another.

The report continues and adds that this software will fundamentally work just like most of the other nearby data sharing services and can be used to transfer videos, images, and doc. files with other Quick Share users. The report also reveals that there will be two different customs to use this feature, that is the user has the option to either share the files to everyone nearby or only with their contacts.

Contacts-only will solely permit you to transfer files with other Samsung Quick Share users who are in your contact list. Choosing the second option, that is the Everyone option will let you receive or send files to anyone with a supported device in your region.

But Quick Share will be distinctive in nature from AirDrop in some ways. And it is because it will be brought with a cloud share feature, which will permit the software to provisionally upload files to the Samsung Cloud. Then, these files can be flowed to Samsung smart devices and can be downloaded provincially. The report also claims that the size of the uploaded files on the cloud can be of up to 1GB and files having a size equivalent to 2GBs can be sent in a day. It is also presumed that Samsung devices that will be launched with One UI 2.1 and above, will have this feature pre-installed in these smartphones.