Google is Producing Important Modifications to Gmail Starting 20th February 2020

Internet search engine Google has declared new additions that it will be operating on its Gmail platform and these changes will start from February 20. The organisation has published on its blogs that all the changes will improve all G Suite users and customers with private Google Accounts equally. The modifications will initially start arriving for those users who are a part of the rapid announcement domains starting February 20 with a progressive rollout of maximum 15 days. This will be accompanied by Scheduled announced domain, which is for the default users, who will commence getting this peculiarity starting from March 5.


As a section of this new peculiarities, Google will be intensifying several inboxes to make them support free scrolling, a consolidated toolbar with an adjustable width in the right side of the configurations.

“Multiple inboxes help you separate out key emails, like essential tasks or those coming from specific peoples, and make them noticeable alongside in the main inbox in your Gmail account, which will be completely customizable,” said Google.

After February 20, 2020, you will receive a notification in Gmail informing you about this forthcoming change if you presently have several inboxes in a groundless configuration. The preview pane will not be visible to you after this change takes the effect.

If you want to use the preview pane, then you will be required to a single inbox facility rather than the multiple boxes one. This can be selected by visiting settings > Inbox > Inbox type.

Gmail updated inbox view
Gmail updated inbox view

Additional to this update, Gmail will also be changing the location of the settings and after this update, you will find not found the multiple inboxes option in the advanced settings, This setting will be made available in the Inbox tab setting, the reason behind doing this is to make your configuration experience eas. And after 20th February, users will be capable to disable or enable the reading pane settings by tapping on the gear icon and choosing Settings > Inbox > Reading pane. After permitting reading pane view, users can easily open the mail next to the list of conversations appearing on the screen, it will make the reading as well as the writing easy.

Beside of the right-side configuration of various inboxes, Gmail will show unique scroll bars for each inbox. This will enable users to scroll in inbox independently as wanted so that they can navigate more easily on Google’s mailing platform, i. e., Gmail. The separator on the right side between the multiple inbox and the inbox sections will become adaptable as the users can easily maximize or minimize the panel as per their requirements.

Lastly, there will be only one functional toolbar across all the inboxes. This setting will permit users to take actions across varying sections and ensure that functionality and the keyboard shortcuts work reliably. Presently, on the top of each inbox, there is a discrete toolbar for the individual section in the top and bottom configurations.