Google’s Gboard launched Emoji Kitchen, a tool for mixing emojis to share as stickers

You must have felt like that there are not enough emoji options for expressing your mood all the time. But with the launch of Google’s Gboard’s new update, you can express your feeling just the way you want. Google has introduced a new feature called “Emoji Kitchen” and this kitchen of google will allow you to mix up two different emojis to form a new one for sharing with friends and family in sticker form. And the best part about this feature is that it will work across multiple apps including Whatsapp, Messenger, Gmail, Snapchat, Messages by Google, Telegram and others.

Mixing of two emojis in Gboard's Emoji Kitchen
credit: third party image reference

You can form emoji of any type be it a crying monkey, crying face with goggles, a ghost wearing a cowboy hat, and many more. The number of new emojis that you can form depends on your creative thinking level.

To be transparent, you can’t just mix up any of the hundreds of emoji with any another one — it only operates with Google supports, which are primarily variations on the emojis. The reason behind is that the emojis are not being mixed up in real-time through some kind of AI system. Rather, Google creators have designed this unique set of mixup for Gboard only.

How to Use?

To use the possibilities, you first have to tap on any one of the emoji and the Emoji Kitchen will then show you which of mix-ups are accessible for you.

Google’s Gboard has been an innovative app that keeps on trying to produce something unique and creative for its users. It had launched self-expressive ideas like its personal set of personalized emoji, known as the Emoji Minis, a speciality like doodling, emoji suggestions, GIFs, Morse code, and others in the past years.

Emoji Mix up in Gboard
credit: third party image reference

The Gboard app has been well-accepted by the Android users, and despite being several years old, it has still made its position in the list of top 50 apps in the category of tools. And currently, more tha a billion people are using Gboard as their preferred keyboard options in their smartphones.

Despite, Google’s primary objective with Gboard is to make it captivating enough for the users to have it installed, giving the organisation a way to bring Google’s resources, like Search, straight to the end-user. That’s more significant than ever at a point when a mobile search has grown larger than the desktop. Regrettably, for Google, the mobile search has been much more costly, as the company now depends on agreements with mobile device producers, like Apple, to secure its search engine the default.

Gboard has also given Google another way to safeguard its bets — by skipping the requirement to use another browsing app to go to Google. Users can simply search their queries on the keyword itself.